Pentax 17 35mm Half Frame Camera

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The Wonderful new half frame 35mm camera from Pentax. 

Here is the most important information in brief;

  • Half-size format (17 x 24mm)

  • Newly developed fixed-focal 25mm lens equivalent to a 37mm on full frame

  • Easy to use zone-focus system via a selection of zone marks atop the lens 

  • Bright optical Albada bright-frame viewfinder for easy composition

  • Seven shooting modes to accommodate different creative approaches  

  • High-quality light weight metal body that pays homage to Pentaxs past 

  • Last but not least, a built in flash!

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The 17's film style

Half-size format (17 x 24mm)

The PENTAX 17 features the half-size format, in which two 17mm x 24mm pictures are captured in a single 35mm-format frame (36mm x 24mm). It also employs a horizontal film advance mechanism. When positioned in the normal way, it captures vertical-format pictures, identical to the familiar images captured by smartphones, which are commonly used today for picture-taking

the 17's lens

25mm f/3.5

The PENTAX 17 features a newly developed 25mm F3.5 fixed-focal lens (equivalent to a 37mm lens in the 35mm format). Based on the optics incorporated in the acclaimed PENTAX Espio Mini (marketed in 1994), it has been redesigned to fit perfectly in the half-size format. It is also treated with HD (High Definition) coating — a highly acclaimed multi-layer coating — to optimize the clarity and sharpness of half-size pictures. Using the lens used in the RICOH Au-to Half (a best-selling half-size model first marketed in 1962) as a reference, the angle of view and focal length were selected to make casual, everyday picture-taking simple and flawless.

The 17's Shooting Modes

Seven shooting modes to accommodate different applications

The PENTAX 17 automatically adjusts exposure settings based on the lighting data collected by its metering sensor. In addition to the Full Auto mode in which all exposure settings are selected by the camera, it provides six other shooting modes, including: Slow-speed sync, which is highly useful in twilight photography;and Bulb, which comes in handy for photographing nightscapes and fireworks.
The PENTAX 17 also features an independent exposure compensation dial, which allows the user to swiftly shift the exposure level to accommodate different types of subject or express the user’s creative intentions.

The 17's Viewfinder

Bright optical viewfinder

The PENTAX 17’s optical viewfinder features an Albada-type bright frame finder. It also comes with a close-up visual field compensation frame to help you more easily compose close-up images. It is possible to check the zone marks directly through the viewfinder.

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Other Bits

  • A wide selection of ISO film speeds (50, 100, 125, 160, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200)
  • Note holder on the back cover, into which the end of the film package can be inserted for an at-a-glance confirmation of the film in use
  • Three strap lugs to accommodate horizontal and vertical camera suspensions, to best suit the user’s shooting style
  • Compatibility with the optional CS-205
    Cable Switch, which comes in handy for extended-exposure photo- graphy in the
    Bulb shooting mode

Any questions?

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