If you're looking to move on an old camera or if it's just time for a change, we're on hand to help!


We accommodate a range of second-hand equipment, whether it be old, new or something in between.

Our service works to get the best possible outcome for you whether you're selling one piece or have a huge collection, we can do full sales or part exchange if there is something you are interested in.


Show us what you've got! Send us photos and a description via email or Whatsapp or bring your items into the shop.

We will evaluate your items and give you a quote or a price in person. If you want to part exchange we will factor this into our quote.

We will chat through arranging sending or bringing in your items to us and arrange payment via bank transfer.


How do you value equipment?

Our valuation is based on working condition, aesthetic condition, demand and whether the equipment would require a service.

Why Camera Crib?

Our photography experts have combined 50+ years experience in valuing items and will always give you a fair assessment of your gear.

Can I part exchange?

Yes! We accept part exchange against everything in store. If there is something you are interested in, let us know.

What is your warranty?

Our cameras come with a 6 month warranty. Our digital and film compact cameras come with a 3 month warranty.